Wooden packaging material, top the list of material dumped at landfills every year. Some estimates claim that in the US alone, as many as 200 million wood pallets are dumped at landfills. Of these more than half are used only once before they are discarded.

All our products are made from 100% recycled paper (0% wood pulp) and are fully recyclable and bio-degradable. Paper is the most recycled material of Earth. Our products are accepted for recycling by all paper pulp mills in the world. So no matter which country your customer is located, they will find to very easy to dispose our packaging material. By switching to our products, waste management for your customer will be very easy. You customers will not incur any disposal cost and on the other hand they will gate a good salvage value for our products.

We at Ecoglobe design packaging solutions that can substantially reduce the overall environmental impact in palletisation and reduce timber consumption in palletisation by almost 100%. This will help you substantially reduce your carbon footprint.

Switch to EcoGlobe’s packaging material - Reduce your Cost and Reduce your Carbon Footprint!