Typical Users Additional Advantages
Food Exporters 1. Hygiene, No contamination to product.
2.Offers protection during transport by ensuring vegetable and fruits are not squashed or damaged
Pharma and Chemical Industry 1. Clean and Hygienic
2. No contamination to product.
3. No fumigation required.
4. We offer solutions which ensure no lumping (in case of powders) when pallets are stacked 1 above the other.
Auto Companies, Engineering Companies, Solar Companies, Battery Manufactures, Glass Companies etc. 1. Better at absorbing jerks and Vibration, No product damage.
2. Ensures corners are protected.
3. No scratches to product with transport
All Export Application 1. No Heat Treatment or Fumigation therefore saves time and money.
2. Cost effective.
3. Easy Disposal
All one way application 1. Cost Effective for Both Parties.
2. Easy Disposal.
3. 100% Recyclable and bio-degradable.
Flower exporters, Handicraft exporters, other delicate products etc. 1. Complete overall protection during transit.
2. Provides a cushioning effect.
3. Solutions are designed in a way ensuring no weight or stress is passed on the product.
4. Lightweight. Reduces overall freight cost.
5. Huge savings in Air Freight!