Our Commitment to Quality

At EcoGlobe, we have established quality control procedures at every step of our process and our inspection procedures are tailored to the key performance characteristics for each type of manufactured product. Our systems are geared to ensuring traceability of the product right from the stage of raw materials to finished products.
At Ecoglobe, our philosophy is to empower our people to produce good quality material as a matter of routine.

It is our goal to provide an efficient and cost effective, one-stop packaging solution to our customers. We conduct research and development in order to recommend the optimum packaging solution of your packaging needs. We always strive for innovative ideas and to be the forerunner in coming out with new range of packaging products to meet your ever- increasing needs.

To ensure the consistency of our product quality, we have adopted the best manufacturing practices as advocated by the ISO 9001:2008. Customers can be rest assured of the consistent quality of our products.

Environment is one of the important elements and to play a part in this area, we care for the environmental issues, such as the green house effect and the global warming.

Ecoglobe Packaging has also instituted various Hygiene, Environment & Safety Policies.

We exist for our Customers:

Customers do not only demand competitively priced products but also quality products and excellent services. To fulfill their needs, we have set up the Customer Service Department.
Our Customer Service Department also extends to providing innovative solutions to customer’s specific requirements from concept, design, proper warehousing to ensuring prompt delivery of finished product.
At EcoGlobe, we are constantly thinking for our customers. Our every effort is directed towards providing our customers with the best possible solution so that they can sustainably reduce their overall packaging, palletisation and logistics cost.