EG Box Series

EG-BOX is a combination of Honeycomb Board, Corrugated board and Angle Board. Developed to safely transport your goods, it can be constructed on top of EG-PALL or EG-LITE.
A perfect replacement for expensive wooden and plastic crates!

  • HUGE Cost Saving

  • Completely replace wood

  • Protects goods

  • Lightweight

  • NO Fumigation required

  • NO Heat treatment

  • Hygienic

  • Easy Disposal

  • 100 % Recyclable

  • 100 % Bio-Degradable

  • Eco - Friendly

  • Features and Advantages of EG-Box:

  • Stacking Strength upto 1,000 KG.

  • Very High Load Capacity.

  • 25-40% lower in cost than wooden crates.

  • Provides superior protection to goods within.

  • Available in Ready to assemble models.

  • Smooth surface, therefore no dent or damage to products within.

  • Cost effective and stronger alternative to compressed kraft paper boxes.

  • Case Study


    A glass tumbler was kept inside the EG-BOX, without any other packing material, and thrown from the 5th Floor (60Ft). After the fall the Glass was completely intact with not even a starch on its surface!