Typically export packaging is used for one-time use. Depending on the mode of transport, destination point, and your products characteristics make the difference as to which of our export packaging is the best solution.

Advantages of Using EcoGlobe’s Products:

 Huge Cost Savings - 25 - 40 % in packing material cost

  No damage in transport - Safe Deliveries

 Your product will arrive in the same condition as it left you

 Easy disposal for your customer and 100% recyclable

No Heat treatment or Fumigation - Accepted world over

Protects corners and ensures no starches during transportation

By using our Products, you can see Measurable Cost Savings

Our Packaging solution;

Cushions package edges against hard knocks

Replaces expensive packing material.

Improves stacking strength. Stacks loads higher during storage and transportation

Protects load against stretch wrap and strap indentation.

Facilitates higher applied tension for superior load stability.

Is environmentally friendly.

Is suitable for Food and Pharma packing and can be sent all over the world without any need of extra treatment such as fumigation required for wooden package.

Strengthens your package and minimizes transport damage.