ANGLE BOARDS- Protection, Stablity and Stacking Strength

Damage caused during transport and handling is a problem for manufactures and distributes. That is why a number of producers and packaging experts have chosen compact edge protection as a solution.

Our Paper angle boards are made from multiple piles of laminated paper-board that are glued, treated and formed into rigid right angles of exceptional strength.

Ensures straps remain in place and secures drums during transportation.

No damage to package when secured by ropes during transport.

Secures the load and protects goods from strapping and wrapping damage.

Increases stacking strength enabling full use of warehouse space.

Eliminates corner damage during transport ensuring zero rejections.

Provides complete overall protection during transport of consignment.


A mm B mm C mm D mm
  30 30  
35 35 2.5 - 6
50 - 3000 40 40  
  50 50
75 75 3 - 8
96 96  

Apart from the standard sizes, other sizes (including unequal angles) can be made as per the customer requirement.

Company names and logos can be printed during the manufacturing process.

As seen in the image below, protective frames can be built around the product protecting it from starches and hits during transportation. The stacking strength of the unit increases substantially by use of EG-FRAME.